Princess Aisha Shea Butter

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Princess Aisha Shea Butter comes from Tamale, chief city and capital of northern Ghana. “Tama” is the name of the fruit from the Shea tree; Tamale is the “Land of the Shea Tree.” Princess Aisha’s tribe, the Dagomba, has inhabited and ruled the area surrounding Tamale since the 1400’s. Shea butter is considered so important and beneficial that when a baby is born in Dagbon (the name for the homeland of the Dagomba), it is bathed and massaged from head to toe every day for three months with African black soap and Shea butter.

Shea butter is very versatile and central to life in West Africa as the oil is even used in lamps for light at night. The vegetable oil extracted from the nut is also used as cooking oil that produces an incredible scrumptious taste to local dishes. Additionally, the Tama fruit from the Shea tree is a delicious and sweet tropical fruit to be eaten.

Aisha with shea and neemShea butter trees, like any other agricultural crop, depend on the soil, climate and seasonal rains. Like grapes, where some areas produce a better wine based upon geographical location, such is true of Shea butter. West Africans from other areas come to Tamale to get Shea butter because of the quality the region produces.

Smell is one of the judging factors for Shea butter. The stronger the smell, the more inferior the butter and oil quality is. However, the natural extracting process is of utmost importance to provide a rich and high quality Shea butter that protects, regenerates, and restores your skin and even your hair. Princess Aisha has extremely high standards for what she produces. She also adds the root from the tree to the butter in accordance to her family’s secret recipe, giving it additional benefits for addressing arthritis pains and muscles strains.

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African black soap is also used throughout West Africa. It is 100% pure, made from naturally grown ingredients consisting of Shea Butter, Red Palm kernels, grilled plantain skins and sometimes pure Cocoa butter. It is great for washing head to toe and is even gentle enough for your face.

It is our dream to share our 100% pure products that are chemical-free and made from nourishing natural ingredients that have helped restore and protect Africans from the elements for thousands of years! May it also provide for your skin and health needs.