Princess Aisha produces 100% natural handcrafted Shea Butter made from African Shea nuts. The natural vitamins in Shea butter are nourishing and moisturizing for your skin.

Shea butter is a remedy for rough and dry skin. It also helps protect the skin’s healthy natural oils that keep skin looking young and radiant. Shea butter also has healing properties for arthritis pain, blemishes, wrinkles, eczema, and dermatitis thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties and high mineral and vitamin content. It contains natural tocopherols (vitamin E) as well as vitamin A, which have both been found by modern science to be vital for skin health and are commonly featured in big cosmetic companies’ anti-aging creams and serums…unfortunately along with a lot of harmful chemicals that our pure and chemical-free Shea butter will NOT have.

Traditional Shea butter has also been used as a substitute for dairy butter in recipes in Africa for generations. Skin is the body’s biggest organ and main protection from the elements and pollutants. Princess Aisha’s products are intended for external use only, but why put something on your skin, one of your body’s most important detoxifying mechanisms, that wouldn’t be safe to put in your body?

Princess Aisha offers unrefined, unscented shea butter with unparalleled moisturizing properties. Minimally processed with no chemicals added, it’s so pure we’ve had nothing but rave reviews and customers who come back again and again!

“Thank you so much for wonderful cream. It has done wonders for my father-in-law who could never find any ointment to soothe his cracked hands after chemotherapy!”

-CN, Happy customer since 2010